Sports Medicine

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Physicians can become subspecialists in sports medicine through various avenues including family medicine and orthopedic surgery, however no specialty offers a stronger background in comprehensive nonsurgical musculoskeletal care than Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R – also known as physiatry.) Dr. Shoemaker specializes in PM&R.

Combined with a highly prestigious fellowship in sports medicine, Dr. Shoemaker possesses a unique and exceptional level of training and expertise, and he is a board-certified specialist in sports medicine.

athleteDr. Shoemaker has taken care of athletes from recreational joggers and high school athletes, to weekend warriors, to Olympic contenders and everyone in between. Having been a physician adviser for USA Rugby as well as team physician for The Glendale Raptors, Dr. Shoemaker has advanced experience in the elite level sports arena.

Regardless at what level you participate, your injury, as well as your goals and drive to return to activity and/or competition, are treated with the same attention and are provided the highest quality care. The use of cutting edge techniques including ultrasound-guided and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections add to our ability to diagnose and manage sports related injuries.