Do I need surgery?

doctor in surgery

A major role of our practice is to guide our patients in surgical decision making. While we are a nonsurgical physician practice, specializing in the elements of orthopedic and spine care that do not involve surgery, we work with many great surgeons throughout the Northern Front Range. The keys to a good surgical outcome include obtaining an accurate diagnosis of your symptoms, connecting with the right surgeon and timing surgery appropriately. In some cases surgery needs to be considered very early on, while in other cases conservative care should be exhausted before surgery is considered.

Unfortunately, a common cause of a bad surgical outcome occurs when a patient has an operation for an abnormality seen on an MRI that was not actually causing their symptoms.

We help ensure you know the cause of your symptoms before you undergo an operation. In addition to ascertaining the most accurate diagnosis possible, we can provide you with an unbiased opinion about when surgery makes the most sense depending your condition and your goals. We spend time listening to you and discussing with you the appropriate time to start talking to a surgeon.  We can help you find the right kind of surgeon for your needs, and in cases where surgery is needed more urgently, we can facilitate a faster surgical consultation.