Ascent Pain & Injury Specialists – Loveland

At Ascent Pain & Injury Specialists, we don’t just cover up your pain, we find and treat the root cause of your condition so as to provide long-lasting results. At our Loveland office, we provide the following services:

  • Pain Management
  • Sports Medicine
  • Primary Care for Auto Injuries
  • Pain & Rehabilitation Psychology
  • Treatment of traumatic brain injury

Dr. Eric Shoemaker DO, holds office hours in the Loveland office to provide physiatry (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) and Sports Medicine services.

Dr. Ed Cotgageorge PhD ABN, provides Neuropsychology & Behavioral Health services which deals with pain & rehabilitation psychology as well as treatment of traumatic brain injury.

Contact us if you have any soft-tissue or musculoskeletal injuries, or chronic conditions that require pain management.