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Multispecialty Spine, Occupational, and Sports Medicine

Caring Partners in Health with Commitment and Compassion
Ascent Medical Consultants - Primary Care for Workers Compensation and Auto Injuries

Primary Care for Work & Auto Injuries

Our Occupational Medicine professionals can provide an accurate diagnosis and perform any necessary procedures to enable you to recover as...

Ascent Medical Consultants - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) is a broad field which aims to enhance and restore functional ability and quality of...

Ascent Medical Consultants - Behavioral Health

Neuropsychology & Behavioral Health

Neuropsychology and Behavioral Health looks at brain-behavior relationships following traumatic brain injury, strokes, tumors, dementia, and other neurological problems. Our...

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Our Providers

Recover faster with specialized care from Ascent Medical Consultants, LLC, a trusted source for Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Neurofeedback/Biofeedback, Psych/Neuropsychology, Osteopathic Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Pain Management & Clinical Massage.

With 8 locations between Denver and Fort Collins in northern Colorado plus another in Durango, our providers have earned a long-standing reputation for quality, commitment, caring and compassion. Ascent works with primary care physicians and with patients to promote recovery. We know how to take care of our patients.

Ascent Medical Consultants treats patients suffering from soft tissue injuries, including neck and back pain, joint pain, neurological pain, and arthritis. We create effective treatment plans designed specifically for you.

What makes our center unique is our nonsurgical approach to musculoskeletal and orthopedic care, emphasizing the highest quality and most cost-effective treatment option available.

We are committed to helping you recover and feel better.

Welcoming All Clients

Patients with commercial insurance or who want to pay cash can see our massage therapists or chiropractors without a referral, otherwise, a patient needs a referral to see one of our providers.  Workers’ compensation patients require a referral for any of our providers.

We accept most private insurances, workers’ compensation, and auto insurance claims from all major providers.

All services are by appointment only.